Alfred Speredelozzi

My LEGO Projects

I am an adult LEGO fan and artist. I would like to show you what I have built.

I am an IT Manager, currently living in Kingston, Rhode Island. I have worked for the University of Rhode Island for the past 14 years as a programmer and computer lab manager. I am happily married to a woman who appreciates LEGO. I have five daughters who understand "my LEGO" versus "daddy's LEGO." At five years old, my oldest daughter was building with me, and I was keeping a set of bricks off limits from her. She got confused, and then had to ask, "Daddy, which ones here are the kid legos?" Ahh, that was humbling. "They're all Kid legos, but if you would please just play with these ones, dear." (I really do try not to say “legos,” however, as the company doesn’t like it!)

I am originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, but have lived all over the Eastern US. I went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to become an Aeronautical Engineer. I had a small stint in the Navy, where I went from thinking I was going to be an astronaut to wondering when I could get off my stinking ship. (It really was a good ship, though… I just missed my wife). I then went to Michigan to get my Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction and worked as a web developer.. Later, we all moved to Rhode Island so my wife could accept a position with the Engineering Faculty at URI.

I was a member of MICHLUG (, and now I am a member of the New England LEGO Users Group ( as I am living in Rhode Island. These are adult lego clubs where we get together to talk about Lego news, share the things we are building and buy stuff from the Lego store. My wife says I am in a shopping club. Really, we put together massive displays of our LEGO creations for train and hobby shows or other public events.