A Major Award

A Major Award ( 16“x16” x 50” tall, 4700 pieces)

One year, I wanted to build something original for display at Brickfair, New England. The theme that year was “X” as it was the tenth year. So I thought I could make something “Xmas” related. The biggest most magnificent thing I could imagine was the lamp from “A Christmas Story”. I ended up modelling it by measuring my wife’s leg, and then adjusting a bit to match the lamp’s design. It uses LEGO nets in a unique way. I knitted them together, using LEGO string to create a fishnet stocking. I also wanted the lamp to actually light up through a translucent lampshade, which required an enormous amount of yellow window panes. The part was new that year and had only been released in one set. This required a special order from a brickseller in Germany who had hundreds of these panes. Lastly, LEGO makes an LED light, which I wired up using LEGO PowerFunctions wire to allow the whole thing to light up. I was thrilled with how it came out. I guess I impressed some people at Brickfair, too, as it won a coveted “Brickee” award from the show.