Create a Custom Background for Video Calls

Providence Skyline

I made a micro build of the Providence Skyline and I really loved the pictures of it! The buildings are from left to right: The Textron Tower (aka Old Stone Tower - 5th Tallest), One Financial Plaza (aka Hospital Trust Tower or the Sovereign Bank Tower - 2nd Tallest), 50 Kennedy Plaza (6th Tallest), Industrial National Bank Building (aka The Superman Building - Tallest Building in RI), and the Biltmore Hotel (10th Tallest). In the front is the RI State House, the 9th Tallest Building in RI.

Micro Rocket Launcher

This is a micro version of my first LEGO set, Rocket Launcher (462). I got creative and made a backdrop of the earth rising over the moon with some stars in the background. I thought it came out quite well.

Miniland Style Family

This is a set of mini-land style figures that I made to represent my family, as well as some other random people. They are all attending a Brick convention.

Backdrop for the Providence Skyline

This is a backdrop of the the sky and a hill to represent Providence, RI. This is the backdrop of a micro build of the Providence Skyline skyscrapers.

Enter the Dojo

For this, I just built a black background with some SNOT bricks. Then I let the pieces decide where they wanted to be. Sometimes that happens. In this case, I was using an unsorted bin with lots of black and red. So, it seemed to form into a Dojo wall of some sort. I don't know. It looks cool as a background, though.