The Cake is a Lie

Wedding Cake (15”x15” x 10” tall, 6000 pieces)

I have been involved with FIRST LEGO League for quite some time. I have been a coach for three years for my daughter’s team. I have been a referee for over a decade. I have also coordinated the building of the thirty or so “field kits” (which are the robot’s obstacle course) for the annual RI State competitions. When RI FLL was celebrating their tenth anniversary, the organizers asked if I could make a LEGO cake. Well, I went a little crazy and created a large multi-tiered wedding cake. Once I showed my wife the digital design, she said, “Oh, you have to make that.” A few hundred dollars later and my cake was real. I originally decorated it with FLL models for the anniversary, but I have since embellished it with flowers and a minifig wedding topper.