Build Your Finest Micro Modular Building

I love Micro buildings, so I jumped onto the first "Activity" in LEGO Ideas: Build your finest micro modular building.

You'll envy the tenants who live on the second story of the Pizza Shop. The aroma is so... tasty!

With 202 bricks, the Urban Service Station provides Bricksburg a convenient place to gas up! Being on the corner of a busy street, the station seems to always be busy. Having troubles with your car? The mechanics here will happily put your car on the lift to check it out. You can hang out in the office upstairs while you wait.

Always competing to touch the sky!

School holiday? Field trip time? Spend the day at the City Museum. Come see the old rocks! There is even a dinosaur! Learn about ancient cultures. Don't forget to see our stadium screen theater. (Not included with admission.) [144 pieces]

City Block

I thought it would be fun to put them together into a city. I added some brownstones that I had made earlier.