Providence Skyline

Providence Skyline (20”x10” x 10” tall, 6200 pieces)

I made a micro-scale replica of the Providence, RI skyline. This model I created for a display in the Providence LEGO store. Each LEGO retail store gave out an opportunity to partner with a local adult fan club to create a distinctive model in their "brand ribbon" display windows. I volunteered to create the display for NELUG. I met with the store manager and I proposed some ideas. We settled on the skyline. The model includes five of the most iconic skyscrapers of Providence as well as the state house. The historic Biltmore hotel's sign was modified to match the LEGO world, now reading just "BUILD." After it was installed, I brought a copy to Brickfair Virginia, LEGO fan festival, where it was nominated for an award in the best micro-model category.

The buildings are from left to right: The Textron Tower (aka Old Stone Tower - 5th Tallest), One Financial Plaza (aka Hospital Trust Tower or the Sovereign Bank Tower - 2nd Tallest), 50 Kennedy Plaza (6th Tallest), Industrial National Bank Building (aka The Superman Building or Bank of America Building, also Fleet Bank Tower - Tallest Building in RI), and the Biltmore Hotel (10th Tallest). In the front row is the RI State House, the 9th Tallest Building in RI. Behind is a backdrop of the sky and a hill to represent Providence, RI.