Iconically Stranger Things

My second take of Barb at the pool, this time showing both the before and after she encounters the demogorgon. I made this in Lego Digital Designer. It comes in at 1335 pieces.

THE scene everyone was talking about. What happened to Barb? She was just kicking it by the pool while Steve Harrington was upstairs with Nancy. So Barb slipped into the upside down and met the demogorgon. Will was not the only one in there! We can't let Barb be forgotten. LEGO must make a Barb minifigure in remembrance!*

*LEGO has since made a Barb minifigure. However, it is exceedingly rare!

The Hawkins National Laboratory is where it all began. Eleven ripped open a whole into the "upside down" while forced to participate in experiments at this lab. This iconic building is the first shot in the series and the first shot of the series 1 finale. This is a micro scale version of the exterior of the building. It is based on the Emory Clinic in Atlanta, GA.

Iconically Stranger Things! contest was about the NETFLIX TV show, Stranger Things.