Tech Tower

Tech Tower is interesting because it was my very first LARGE build. It is 30”x20” x 24” tall and it comes in at 5700 pieces. Before I started designing, I realized, I would have to spend quite a bit to make a structure as big as I wanted. I didn’t own most of the pieces, so I had to go buy them through, a fan made, online, after-market LEGO bazaar. In order to justify the price, I used the iconic building from my wife’s alma mater, Georgia Tech. Now, she won't let me take it apart.

One of the things that I like to do in displays is to add some odd thing that the minifigs are doing. In the case of Tech Tower, I often have the students of BTU try to steal the "T" from the top of the tower. This is a long, dangerous and controversial tradition at Georgia Tech. However, it is far less dangerous for the minifigs and it makes my wife smile.