Naboo Palace Story Book

This story book is a mod of set 21315 LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book. This was part of a NELUG challenge for our 20th anniversary. Everyone modified their copy of the pop-up book to represent some important part of NELUG history. Well, NELUG started in 1999. LEGO Star Wars started in 1999. In fact, Star Wars Episode I brought a LOT of AFOLs back to LEGO. In fact, most of us didn't even know we were AFOLs until we joined a club.

So, while my first club was actually MichLUG, I know there were star wars geeks deeply entrenched in NELUG. So, to celebrate, I made my pop up book with a rendition of Theed Palace and a few Naboo Star fighters. It does indeed close, but the fighters have to land in the back of the palace first.